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Spread over a vast, well landscaped 7.5 acres, Arcadian Resorts is a fitting backdrop for the grandest events. Hospitality at its best amidst iconic surroundings, is what we are seasoned in. It is a purposive venue, where we have all the adequate equipment and complete technical expertise that helps us deliver awesome events.

The venue has a seating capacity of 700-800 people in the AC Banquet with a 15,000 sq ft area. The one thing that many wedding and other functions venues lack is parking space and Arcadian Resorts has ample space that can accommodate up to 400 cars inside the premises.

The decor, feel and facilities of the space are based on a cherished desire to provide everyone looking to celebrate an event in a luxurious setting, a venue with comprehensive services that spell class. It is a place where we fancy your whims and will do anything that will make it a better experience for you. With most facilities available in-house, your outsourcing needs are drastically cut down, giving you peace of mind and more time for other things.

The only name you need to remember, Arcadian offers its venue and services for everything from weddings, shaguns and engagements to social get togethers, corporate events and theme parties. The air-conditioned banquet hall, the exceptional decor, the delectable food and the exemplary hospitality make it a class apart. We look forward to serving and delighting you!

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